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Is a Python RPC package to build and run FaaS-like application service.
It facilitates the creation of an consumer or a producer, as well as an abstraction layer for the transmission of messages over a connected message broker server.

updated at January 28, 2021

About RPC

RPC (Remote Procedure Call) technically is described as a transport protocol and stands for a common pattern of communication between applications acting as a client/server pairs. However it is better thought as a general mechanism closely linked to distributed systems because it meets the needs of an application that requires an exchange of request / response messages.

This pattern is implemented through a transport layer, usually referred as a message broker server, like RabbitMQ.

Simple Request-Reply (RPC) pattern

There are different patterns in the RPC mechanism but focusing on the Simple RPC, the message transaction is performed in the following way:

A client/producer sends a request message that is routed to a long-lived server queue. The message is consumed by the server/consumer from the request queue and then it sends back a response through a response queue to the client.

The client is blocked until a response is received from the server.

request-reply diagram

About this package

This package implements core functionality that is compliant with the standard AMQP. It provides an interface with some decorators, encoders, serializers and in short all the surrounded layers for easily build, configure and run an RPC server as it makes up as a FaaS-like application.

It also provides a command line manager to handle operations that will essentially allow to setup and run a configured RPC server/consumer that will respond on messages received trough RabbitMQ back to a connected client/producer.

Transport layers

RabbitMQ logo


RabbitMQ is the unique supported message broker as transport layer in this project (for now).

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Release: Development history

  • (under development) v0.2 - Upcomming in June, 2021
    • Fixed connection_is_open decorator and added AMQP_URI variable. b680b7e

    • Fixed StreamLostError on Producer creation. 498723e

  • v0.1 - February 5, 2021
    • Initial realease.